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30 Sep 2014

Anuraaga - Bhargavi Nilayam (1964)

Song TitleAnuraaga
MovieBhargavi Nilayam
MusicianMs Baburaj
LyricistP Bhaskaran
Singers(s)S Janaki
ActorsPrem Nazir, Vijaya Nirmala

Anuraaga - Bhargavi Nilayam (1964)

Aa.............. Aa...........

Anuraga Madhuchashakam, Ariyaathe Monthi Vanna
Madhumaasa Shalabhamallo..
Njanoru Madhumaasa Shalabhamallo

Azhakinte Mani-Deepa Jwaalaye Hridayathil
Ariyaathe Snehichallo..
Njan Oru Malar-Maasa Shalabhamallo..

Angni-Than Pancharathil Praanan Pidanjaalum
Aaduvaan Vannaval Njan..
Nenchile Swapnangal Vaadi Kozhinjaalum
Punchirikollum Njaan
|Anuraga Madhuchashakam, Ariyaathe Monthi Vanna
Madhumaasa Shalabhamallo..
Aa.... Madhumaasa Shalabhamallo.. |

Chiraku Karinjaalum Chithayil Erinjaalum
Piriyillen Jeevathe Njan..
Vittu Piriyillen Jeevathe Njan..
Vittu Piriyillen Jeevathe Njan..
||Anuraaga Madhuchashakam Ariyaathe Monthivanna
Madhumaasa Shalabhamallo...
Aa.....Aa...Aa...Aa Aa.. Madhumaasa Shalabhamallo...
Aa.. Aa...A.... Madhumaasa Shalabhamallo...
Aa.....A.....A....A.... Aa Aa Aa Ahaa Haa.. Madhumaasa Shalabhamallo...||

Director : A Vincent, Story : Vaikom Mohammed Basheer, Producer : T K Pareekutty, Cinematography : P Baskar Rao, Edited By : G Venkataraman.
Cast : Prem Nazir, Madhu, Vijaya Nirmala, P J Antony, Adoor Bhasi, Kuthiravattam Pappu, Kottayam Shantha..


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