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5 Aug 2014

Venmegham Chaanchaadum - London Bridge (2014)

Song TitleVenmegham Chaanchaadum
MovieLondon Bridge
MusicianSreevalsan J Menon
LyricistRafeeq Ahamed
Singers(s)Amal Antony, Deepu Nair, Rachana John
ActorsPrithviraj sukumaran, Nanditha Raj, Andrea Jeremiah

Venmegham Chaanchaadum - London Bridge (2014)

Oh...Oh.. Vo.......Vo...........Oo....
Venmekham, Chaanchaadum Kannaadi Koodaaram'
Vinnoram Cheneraan Vaayo Nee Poothumbi..
Kaanaa Lokam Kaanaan Aakaashapoo Thedaan
Moha-Theril, Pokumbol, Pokumbol,
Etho Mullun Novil, Chaalikkaanaai Kaatte,
Vaadaamalli, Thenundo , Thenundo, Joh Oh Oh... Ohoh
Venmekham Chaanchaadum Kannaadi Koodaaram
Vinnoram Chenneraan Vaayo Nee Poothumbi...

Orathaai Theerathaai Naam-Onnaay Neengaam,
Ororo, Pul Naambil, Thoomanjaay, Veezhaam..
Prabhaa-Mayamini, Nishaa Nagarikal..
Mano-Radhamithil, Apaarathakalil,
Ethetho Poonkaattil Poyaalo
Kaanaa-Lokam,Kaanaan Aakaashapoo Thedaan..
Mothatheril Poumbol, Pokumbol,
Etho Ullin Novil Chaalikkaanaai Kaatte..
Vaadaamalli Thenundo Thenundo.. So Yi Yo..

Chaarathaai Tholathaai Njaan Ninnil Chaayaam,
Ee Mannin, Laavanyam, Maaarodu Cherkkaam...
Oleevilakalil, Vilolitham-Oru
Nilaav-Ezhuthiya Kinaa-Lipikalil
Aaraamam Kaavyam-Pol Maarumo..
Kaanaa-Lokam,Kaanaan Aakaashapoo Thedaan..
Mothatheril Pokumbol, Pokumbol,
Etho Ullin Novil Chaalikkaanaai Kaatte..
Vaadaamalli Thenundo Thenundo.. Soyi-Ye Yi Oh Ho.
Venmekham, Chaanchaadum Kannaadi Koodaaram, Nee Mm...

Director : Anil C Menon, Producer : Satish B, Writer : Jinu Abraham, Cinematography : Jithu Damodar, Edited By : Praveen Prabhakar.
Cast : Prithviraj Sukumaran, Mukesh, Andrea Jeremiah, Nanditha Raj, Pratap Pothen, Sunil Sukhanda, Lena Abhilash, Amrita Anil, Prem Prakash, Devi Kripa..

Rahul Raj Was Signed In As The Composer Of The Film. But After Composing The Main Theme Music And Two Songs, He Left The Project Owing To Time Constraints And Other Commitments. Carnatic Vocalist Dr. Sreevalsan Menon Was Hired To Compose Two Additional Songs. Rahul Raj Was Set To Return To The Project To Compose The Background Score Of The Movie; But Scheduling Conflicts With His Telugu Film, Forced Him To Opt Out Completely. However The Main Theme Music Composed By Rahul Raj Was Retained And Used As The Opening Titles Theme.


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