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8 Jun 2014

Poonthinkale - Mr Fraud (2014)

Song TitlePoonthinkale
MovieMr Fraud
MusicianGopi Sunder
LyricistChitoor Gopi
Singers(s)Shankar mahadevan, shakthi sreegopalan
ActorsMohanlal, pallavi purohit, Mia George, manjari phadnis

Poonthinkale - Mr Fraud (2014)

Ohohoh Oh-Ohoh..........
Poonthinkale, Minni Ninnu Nee..
En Nenchile.. Megha Paaliyil..
Poonthinkale... [Poonthinkale...]
Kannerinju Nee... [Oh.. Oh...]
Aathmaavile... [Hey.. Hey Hey.. ] Mouna Shakhayil
[Ho.. Mouna Shakhayil]
Ohohoh Oh-Ohoh..........
Poonthinale En Koode Vaa Thinkale

{Hey You Pretty!....]

Kalam Therottum Venal
Novin Neettode Neengum Njan Innum
Kshanikamalle Hrudaya Thaalam
Ariyumen Janmaminnu Prema Bhasuri
Madhuramalle Maravi Polum
Parayumente Mohaminnum-Ennum

Rigaga Rigaga Rigaga Rigaga Rigaga Rigaga Rigaga
Sariri Sariri Sariri Sariri Dhasadha Dhasadha
Dhasari Rigarisa
Dhasariga Paa Maa Gari, Sa-Ri Gapa Dhapa Rigarigasari
Sarigapa Dha-Sa.. Dha-Sa.. Dha Saa.. Gapagari...
Dharisa Dhapagari...
Rigaga Rigaga Rigaga Dhapapa Rigaga Gadhapa Rigaga
Ah-Ah-Ah-Aa....Aa A..

Poonthinkale.. [Poonthinkale..] Minni Ninnu Nee [Minni Ninnu Nee]
En Nenjile.. [En Nechile Eh Eh Eh..] Megha Paaliyil
Oh...Thazhe Pemaari Peyyum Theerathil
Maari.. Kaattayi Paayum Njan-Ennum
Arikil Alle.. Kadana Bharam..
Akaluvan Padum Ente Sneha Pallavi
Ezhuthi Maaykkum.. Kavitha Pole
Rahasyam-Ente Janmam Innum-Ennum..

Gari-Gari Gariga Padhasa Dhaa-Sa Dhaa-Sa
Dhasadhapa Gari-Sari
Gaari Gaari Rigapadha Garisadha Saasa Ni.. Dha
Gari-Dhapa Gari-Sari-Sa
Garigapa-Ri.. Rigapadha-Gaa.. Gapasadha Padharirisadha
Ppadhdhappa Ggappagga Rriggadhdha

Rigaga Rigaga Rigaga Gapapa Rigaga Gadhapa Rigaga
Poonthikale... [Poonthikale..] Kannerinju Nee..
Aathmaavile... Eh...
Mouna Shaakhayil..
Ohohoh... Ohohoh.....Ohohoh.....Ohoh Ohoh....Oh O.... Ohohoh Ohoh..
Ohohoh... Ohohoh.....Ohohoh.....Ohoh Ohoh....Oh O.... Ohohoh Ohoh..
Ohoh.. Poonthinkale........!
Enkoode Vaa...!

Director : B Unnikrishnan
Lead Cast : Mohanlal, Siddique, Dev Gill, Pallavi, Mia, Manjari


Anonymous said...

The best version of lyrics for this song that I have seen so far. Keep it up. congrats.

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