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8 May 2014

Ilaveyil Viralukalaal - Artist (2013)

Song TitleIlaveyil Viralukalaal
LyricistRafeeq Ahamed
Singers(s)KS Chithra
ActorsFahad Fazil, Ann Augustine

Ilaveyil Viralukalaal - Artist (2013)

Ilaveyil Viralukalaal, Ilakalil Malarukalil, Chaayam Thookunnu
Ilaveyil Viralukalaal, Ilakalil Malarukalil..Chaayam.. Thookunnu..
Nizhalukal Ezhuthee.. Sandhyakal
Pala-Niramonnai Raavukal
Peelavamoru Peelithumbaai Maari Njanum
||Ilaveyil Viralukalaal Ilakalil.. Malarukalil, Chaayam.. Thookunnu..||

Paarunnu, Kilikalith-Ororo
Chaayangal, Kudayumpol-Engo
Mayunnu, Muzhuvanumaakathe
Theerathil Thirayude Kolangal
Chaalipoo Maravikal Ormakalee-Nenchin
Thalikayil Oru Puthu Raagam, Theerkum Pole
Chaalipoo Maravikal Ormakalee-Nenjin
Thalikayil Oru Puthu Raagam, Theerkum Pole
||Ilaveyil Viralukalal Ilakalilmalarukalil
Chaayam.. Thookunnu..||

Bhaavangal Varayukayanallo, Ee Mannil Rithu Viralal Aro
Maarikar Mukililum Ethetho, Roopangal Theliyukayanallo
Porunnu Oru Pidi Niravumai Raavinde Padavukal Kayarum
Megham, Doore Vaanil..
Porunnu Oru Pidi Niravumai
Raavinde Padavukal Kayarum Megham, Doore Vaanil
||Ilaveyil Viralukalal Ilakalil Malarukalil, Chaayam... Thookunnu
Ilaveyil Viralukalaal Ilakalil Malarukalil, Chaayam.. Thookunnu
Nizhalukal Ezhuthee Sandhyakal..
Pala Niramonnai Raavukal..
Peelavamoru Peelithumbaai Maari.. Njanum


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