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14 Mar 2014

Aafreen Aafreen - Camel Safari (2013)

Song TitleAafreen Aafreen
MovieCamel Safari
LyricistLiyakat Sanim
ActorsArun Shankar,Pankaja Menon,Shekhar Menon,Tini Tom,Kamal Gaur

Aafreen Aafreen - Camel Safari (2013)

Afreen, Afreen, Afreen, Afreen
Afreen, Afreen, Afreen, Afreen
Aafreen… Afreen, Afreen… Afreen
Jane Jana Ki Saasson Ko Aafreen
Aashiquana Ngahaon Ko Aafreen
Ashikaana Samane Tho Aafreen
Aafreen Aafreen Rab Hei Ye Ishq Hei

Afreen... Afreen, Afreen.. Afreen
Afreen, Afreen, Afreen, Afreen...........
[Aaaa................. ]
Afreen, Afreen, Afreen, Afreen............

Nisasasa Nisarisasa Saga Sani Risa Dhani
Paninini Paninini Dhapa Nisa Dhani Padha Gapa.............

Ishq Hi Shabnam
Ishq Hi Sholla..
Ishq Hi Dariyaa..
Ishq Hi Saagar
Ishq Main Phisalna
Ishq Main Sambhalna..
Yehi Hei Yehi Hei.. Ishq Ki Pehchaan

Afreen... Aafreen, Afreen... Aafreen
Afreen, Afreen, Afreen, Afreen..

Sani Sa Sani Sa, Panini.. ..Sagari Nee Sa Paani............

Ishq Main Rona,
Ishq Main Khona
Ishq Main Chalna
Ishq Main Karna
Ishq Main Jeena
Ishq Main Marna
Yahi Hey Yahi Hey Ishq Ka Andaas

Aafreen.. Afreen, Aafreen.. Afreen
Aafreen.. Afreen, Aafreen.. Afreen
Jane Jana Ki Saasson Ko Aafreen
Aashiqana Nigaahon Ko Aafreen
Ashiqana Samane Ko Aafreen
Afreen.. Afreen Rab He Ye Ishq Hei
Aafreen... Aafreen, Aafreen... Aafreen
[Aa..]Afreen, Afreen, Afreen, Afreen
Afreen, Afreen, Afreen, Afreen

Director / Producer : Jayaraj
[Swaras Could Be Wrong.. :( ]


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