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28 Jul 2013

Avanalle - Doctor Love (2011)

Song TitleAvanalle
MovieDoctor Love
MusicianVinu Thomas
LyricistVayalar Sarath Chandra Varma
Singers(s)Balu Thankachan, CJ, Kuttappan,Franco,Namitha,Renjith,Renjith Unni,Vineeth Sreenivasan,Vipin Xavier

Avanalle - Doctor Love (2011)

Yay Yay Yay..
Come On Come On Come On, Come On Say Yay..
Yeyeye, Yeyeye Yeye..
Come On Come On Come On, Come On Lets Go
Not So Framin[?] Dr Love
Simple Easy Fall In Love
No More [?] In Our Way...
Not So Shocking Take Away..

Oh.. Avanalle Malarambin Muthumuna Maattya Veeran
Avanalle Malanaadin Poovamban Poomaaran
Neraane.. Poovambil Puthumuna Theerthavanaane
Neraane Premathin Puthu Vaidyan Avanaane
Poru Poovaalanmaare Ningal Ponnolu
Naanikkalle Feesillaathe
Kaalam Mosham Aanalle Moham Nooru Nooralle.
Vaayo Nee Vaayo Ini Maargam Undu Koode..
Hey Hey Doctor, Love Is My Pain Doctor
Hey Hey Doctor, Cure Me Like You Cure No One..
Hey Hey Doctor Love Is My Pain Doctor
Hey Hey Doctor Cure Me Like You Cure No One..
Cure Me Like You Cure.. Cure Me Like You Cure..
Cure Me Like Cure Me Like, Cu Cu Cu..
Cure Me Like You Cure No, Cure Me Like You Cure No
Cure Me Like, Cure No, Cu Cu.. Ho Ga..
Hohoho Hoho
Ho Ho Ho Hoho
Naa Nana Nanana ....
Naa Nana Nanana.............]

Paniyillaathe Kulirerunnu
Manatharaake, Thoomanjil Pollunnu..
Paraayam Pathinezhu..
Ennaal Maarum... Kanisham Ksheenam ..
Chullanmaarude Nethaave
Avanente Mone.. Akamaake Novaane..
Vayassere Ennaalum Enikkonnu Kaanene..
Kidannonnurangaanayyo.. Vayyalle..
Voh Oh Oh... Vo Oh.. Vohoh Ohoh Oh Oh..
Voh Oh Oh... Vo Oh.. Vohoh Ohoh Oh Oh.
Avanalle Malarambin Muthumuna Mattya Veeran
Avanalle Malanaadin Poovamban Poomaaran

Hey Doctor Love, Hey Doctor Love
Please Cure My Pain, With A ??[Pretend] Of Love
I'm A Love Bird, I Need You, Need You
In The Middle Of The Night,
My Grandma Below..
Even If I..??

In The Middle Of The Night [Oh Yea Yea]
Sweet Sense Of Divine.. [Yea Yea]
In The Middle Of The Night, [Oh Yeah Yeah]
Sweet Sense Of Divine..[Ya Ya Ya Ya'.... Ya Ya Ya..]
[The portion in blue, the rap portion. Completely lost there. :) if one of you can help out, you are most welcome.
Need that help. Thank you]

Director : K Biju
Producer : Joy Thomas Shakthikulangara
Cinematography : Shaji
Cast : Kunchako Boban, Bhavana, Ananaya, Bhagath Manuel, Renjith Menon, Hemanth Menon, Manikuttan, Jikku...
Narrated By Asif Ali
Written By K Biju


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