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7 Jul 2012

Ayyo Ayyo Ayyayyo - Spanish Masala (2011)

Song TitleAyyo Ayyo Ayyayyo
MovieSpanish Masala
LyricistVenugopal R
Singers(s)Yasin Nizar, Franco
ActorsKunchako Boban, Dilip, Daniela Feseri

Ayyo Ayyo Ayyayyo - Spanish Masala (2011)

Ayyo, Ayyo, Ayyayyo, Control Poyo Ennayyo,
Ayyo, Ayyo, Ayyayyo, System Slowaai Ennayyo
Melottoru Paalam Venam.. Maanathekkengo Ponam
Thaarangal Avlude Mele Orupidi Vitharenam
Melottoru Paalam Venam.. Maanathekkengo Ponam
Thaarangal Avlude Mele Orupidi Vitharenam
Ennomale..... Ponnomale......[Senorita]
En Tharake... Manimukil Nee..[Naana Nanna, Naana Nanna]
Ennomale..... Ponnomale... [I Love You]
Ennomale..... O O.... [O My Baby]
Ayyo, Ayyo, Ayyayyo, Control Poyo Ennayyo, Ayyo

Mansoon Maari Ennennum Venam
Chembin Thaalin Kudayonnu Venam
Mushroom Vanchi Padavinnu Venam, Venam.. Venam..
Lilly Pookkal Malayonnu Venam,
Thaazhe Kanji Slimonnu Venam, [??]
Pachakalam Moronnu Venam, Venam.. Venam..
Paadathe Paattin Thalathil, Saayippu Kaikal Thattenam..
Mariachi Vanchi Paattonnu, Guitar Veeshi Ppadenam,
Aappaadum Paattill, Mazhavil, Kudakal Viriyenam..
Ennomale... Ponnomale.. [O La!]
En Maarile... Manimukil Nee.. [Si Si Si]
Ennomale... Ponnomale.. [Tu.. Ru..]
Ennomale.. Vaa................
Hayyo, Ayyo Ayyayyo, Control Poyo, Ennayyo..

Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu..

Aha.. Aaha.. Aha.. Aahaa, Aaha Ahaa Aaha.. Aahaha..
Awesome Pennin, Cherriyonnu Venam, Propose Cheyyan Chundonu Venam
Chorus Padaan, Pantonnu Venam, Venam.. Venam..
Three D Kaanum, Kannonnu Venam,
Pizza Pookkum, Maramonnu Venam,
Chocolate Neenthum Puzhayonnu Venam, Venam .. Venam..
Paavadem Blouse Um Choodunna, Maalaakha Pennonnaadenam,
Manninte Eeran Nenchathu, Enn Pennu Maaril Chaayenam,
Njan Padum Paattil, Mazhavill Kudakal Viriyenam,

Ennomale..... Ponnomale......[Oh Oh Oh]
En Maarile... Manimukil Nee..[Oh Oh Oh]
Ennomale..... Ponnomale... [Oh Oh Oh ]
Ennomale..... O O.... [Oh Oh Oh]
Ayyo, Ayyo, Ayyayyo, Control Poyo Ennayyo,
Ayyo Ayyo, Ayyayyo.., System Slowaai En Kaiyyo..


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