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9 Mar 2012

Sahasra Dalasam Shobhitha Nalinam - Sukrutham (1994)

Song TitleSahasra Dalasam Shobhitha Nalinam
MusicianBombay Ravi
LyricistOnv Kurup
Singers(s)KJ Yesudas, chorus
ActorsMammootty, Narendra prasad

Sahasra Dalasam Shobhitha Nalinam - Sukrutham (1994)

Ohm...... Ohmmm
Om Poornam-Adah Poornam-Idam
Poornaat Poornam Udachyate
Poornasya Poornam-Aadaaya
Ohm... Shanti Shanti Shanti...
Sahasra Dala Samshobhitha Nalinam Pole Mahaagaganam
[Sahasra Dalasamshobhitha Nalinam Pole Mahaagaganam ]-Chorus
Samastha Bhuvanam Kaakkum Anaadi Mahassin Sopaanam
[Samastha Bhuvanam Kaakkum Anaadi Mahassin Sopaanam]-Chorus
Aa Thirunalina Paraagam Chaarthuka Akamizhiyaam Aravindam..
[Aa Thirunalina Paraagam Chaarthuka Akamizhiyaam Aravindam..]-Chorus
Aathmadalangalil Aavaahikkuka Athinte Divya Sugandham.. Athinte Divya Sugandham
[Aathmadalangalil Aavaahikkuka Athinte Divya Sugandham.. Athinte Divya Sugandham]-Chorus
[Sahasra Dalasam Shobhitha Nalinampole Mahaagaganam..
Samasthabhuvanam Kaakkum Anaadi Mahassin Sopaanam]-Chorus

Om Saha Naa Vavatu Saha Nau Bhunaktu
Saha Veeryam Karavaa Vahai.
Tejasvi Naava Dheetamastu
Maa Vidvishaa Vahai.
Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti

A A A A Aa.....
Veenudayunnoru Mankudam Ee Udal Nee Athinullil Nirayaavu..
[Veenudayunnoru Mankudameeyudal Nee Athinullil Nirayaavu ]-Chorus
Praananoraruma Pravaai Padukayaanathu Nin Thiru Naamangal
[Praananoraruma Pravaai Padukayaanathu Nin Thiru Naamangal ]-Chorus
Nin Kripa Njangalkkarulaavu, Anpaai Njangalil Unaraavu
[Nin Kripa Njangalkkarulaavu, Anpaai Njangalil Unaraavu ] -Chorus
Njangade Jeevagangaloronnum Nin Therohanam Akaavu, Nin Therohanam Akaavu.

Sahasra Dalasam Shobhitha Nalinampole Mahaagaganam
Samasthabhuvanam Kaakkum Anaadi Mahassin Sopaanam


വെള്ളരി പ്രാവ് said...

ഏറെ പ്രിയ ഗാനം...നന്ദി.
ഇന്നത്തെ ദിനം ധന്യം.

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