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31 Mar 2012

Niradeepam Theliyunna - Ee Thirakkinidayil (2012)

Song TitleNiradeepam Theliyunna
MovieEe Thirakkinidayil
MusicianRaveendran Pangodu
LyricistPr Ajith Kumar
ActorsVinu Mohan, Muktha,

Niradeepam Theliyunna - Ee Thirakkinidayil (2012)

Hey, Hey, Hey Hey Hey.. Hey Hey, Hey Hey Hey..
[Thi Thaakruthi Thakki Dinna,Thi Thaakruthi Thakki Dinn]-2
Niradeepam Theliyunna Neram.. , Thoomanju Pozhiyunna Neram ..
Niradeepam Theliyunna Neram..
Thoomanju Pozhiyunna Neram .. [Ta Da Taa Tta, Ta Da Tta]
Rithusandhya Pole Nilkkum Penne.. [Hey Hey!]
Nin Kannil Njaanalle,[Njaanalle]
Nin Kanavil Njanalle[Kanavil Njanalle]
Nin Maril, Njanoru, Madhupanalle...
Niradeepam Theliyunna Neram, Thoomanju Pozhiyunna Neram..
Rithusandhya Pole Nilkkum Penne... [Hey Hey!]
Nin Kannil Njaanalle,[Njaanalle]
Nin Kanavil Njanalle[Kanavil Njanalle]
Nin Maaril, Njanoru, Madhupanalle...
Tu Ru Tu, Tu Ru Tu, Ta Da Taa Tta, Ta Da Taa Tta.Tu Ru Tu, Tu Ru Tu, Tu Ru Tu Tu...
Hey Hey Hey ...


Koodanayaan, Povukayo Poonkuyile, [Kuyile Poonkuyile.. ]
Koode Varu, Nee Inyum Paadu [Paadu Paadu]
Chemmukilin, Thaazhvarayil, Ponthinkal..
Kinginikal, Chaarthukayaai, Veendum, [Eh Hey]
Enn Anuraaga Vilolaswaram Thazhukiyunarthiyo,[Haa Ha, Haa Ha]
Etho Mridula Vikaaravanam Pookkuda Neerthiyo
Enthaanenthaanee, [Kaiyyil Romaancham]

Niradeepam Theliyunna Neram.., Thoomanju Pozhiyunna Neram ..
Rithusandhya Pole Nilkkum Penne.. Nin Kannil Njaanalle,
Nin Kanavil Njanalle, Nin Maril Njanoru, Madhupanalle..

Ezhazhakum, Thira Njoriyum, Kavilukalil, [Kavilil, Kavilukalil..]
Chenchodikal Meenukalaai Neenthi [Eh Hey]
Valayeriyum Viralukalaal Thazhuki Nee [Taara Taara ]
Vallari Pol En Maaril Chernnu [Hey Hey]
Pongal Kathirukal Thazhuki Varum, Sheethala Maaruthano,[Aa Ha Aa Ha]
Pon Kaithappo Manamolum Nin Kunukoonthalamo
Ethaanethaanen [Manassinu Madamaruli]

Niradeepam Theliyunna Neram
Thoomanju Pozhiyunna Neram [Hey Hey Hey Hey...]
Rithusandhya Pole Nilkkum Penne....
Nin Kannil Njaanalle, Nin Kanavil Njanalle
Nin Maaril Njanoru Madhupanalle....
Tu Rutu Tu Rutu ... Oh O Oh O ...........


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