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27 Feb 2012

Pularumo Raavozhiyumo - Rithu (2009)

Song TitlePularumo Raavozhiyumo
MusicianRahul Raj
LyricistRafeeq Ahmed
Singers(s)Gayatri, Sujith Suresan
ActorsNishan, Reema Kallingal, Asif Ali.. etc..

Pularumo Raavozhiyumo - Rithu (2009)

Aa.. Reey Ne... Naa Na.. Re.. Naa..
Pularumo Raavozhiyumo, Haritha Lathaavaniyil..
Pularumo Raavozhiyumo, Haritha Lathaavaniyil..
Oru Kanal Eriyunatho, Himakanam Aliyunnatho,
Akamee Kiniyumeeran Thushaaram,
Uravaai, Padarukayaai Ithaa…

Ohh Woahh.. ......... Na Na Nananana

Irulaayi Pathanju, Kadalayi Nuranju,
Chashakam Kavinja Raathri..
Ushase Varalle, Inniyum Nukarnnu,
Kazhiyaathiripu Njan..
Orithal Poo Choodumee,
Vinninte Oram Chornuvo,
Vennilaavakalunuvo, Raavalinjeedumo..
Akamee.. Kiniyumeeran Thushaaram,
Uravaai, Padarukayaai, Ithaa..

Aahh.. He... He. Reey Naa.. Haa......
[Enthaai Ezhuthu?
Ha Theeraaraai..
What's It About? Tell Me..
Its About Love.. True Love..
True, Love?
Yeah.. True Love. Aa Randu Vaakkukal athra connected Aanu.. You Cant Have Lie And Love Together, Can You? Athu Cherilla.. They Cancel Eachother Out.

Mazhayaay Pozhinju, Puzhayaai Vallarnnu,
Hridayam Niranja Raathri..
Pathiye Thirinju, Chirakum Kudanju,
Thirike Madangumo...

Mukamaai Ee Chillayil Ennenum Ini Nilkuvo,
Ormathan Theerangalil Thornidaa Mazhayaai…
Pularumo Raavozhiyumo Harithalatha..Vaniyil..

[Aah Hmmm..].

Oru Kanal Eriyunatho, Himakanam Aliyunnatho,
Akamee Kiniyumeeran Thushaaram,
Uravaai, Padarukayaayi Ithaa…


Anonymous said...

Nice, really nice. A small mistake in the lyrics. You know that too I think. But not really part of the lyrics. So, its ok.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


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