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15 Jan 2012

Mazhayulla Raathriyil - Kadha (2002)

Song TitleMazhayulla Raathriyil
LyricistGireesh Puthenchery
Singers(s)Vidhu Prathap
ActorsPrithviraj Sukumaran, Kavya Madhavan

Mazhayulla Raathriyil - Kadha (2002)

Mazhayulla Raathriyil, Manassinte Thoovalil, Viral Thottunarthunnathaare
Mazhayulla Raathriyil Manassinte Thoovalil, Viral Thottunarthunnathaare.. ....
Arikathirunnoru.. Priyamulla Paattaai...
Arikathirunnoru... Priyamulla Paattaai.. Paribhavam Pakarunathaare.....
Mazhayulla Raathriyil Manassinte Thoovalil, Viral Thottunarthunnathaare...

Paathiyadanjoren Mizhiyithal Thumbinmel, Manichundu Cherkkuvaan Varunnathaare
Paarvana Chandranaai Pathungininnen Maaril Panineeru Peyyuvaan Varunnathaare
Pranayam Thulumbi Nilkkum, Oru Ponmaniveena Thalodi
Pranayam Thulumbi Nilkkum.. Oru Ponmaniveena Thalodi
Oru Swara Maariyaai Pozhinjathaare
Mazhayulla Raathriyil Manassinte Thoovalil.. Viral Thottunarthunnathaare...

[Sani Sasa Nisa Sanisa.. Sani Sasa Nisa Sanisa......
Sanirisa Nigarisanidhapa......]

Hrudhayathinullil Dalamarmmarangal Pol, Madhuraaga Manthramaai Midichathaare
Vaarilam Poovaal Viral Thumbu Kondetho, Vasanthathe Nulluvaan Kothichathaare
Madhuram Purandu Nilkkum, Manassin Kanimullayiletho
Madhuram Purandu Nilkkum, Manassin Kanimullayiletho
Oru Varasooryanaai..... Virinjathaare..

Mazhayulla Raathriyil.. Manassinte Thoovalil... Viral Thottunarthunnathaare
Arikathirunnoru.. Priyamulla Paattaai... Arikathirunnoru... Priyamulla Paattaai...
Paribhavam Pakarunathaare....

Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm. Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm ...
Aa.... Aa Aa Aa Aa


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