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9 Nov 2011

Anthimaana Chempadiyil - Indian rupee ( 2011 )

Song:    Anthimaana Chempadiyil     അന്തിമാന  ചെമ്പടിയില്‍
Movie:  Indian rupee               ഇന്ത്യന്‍  റുപീ
Year:    2011
Music:  Shahabas Aman              ഷഹബാസ്  അമന്‍
Lyrics:  V.R.Santhosh               വി  ആര്‍  സന്തോഷ്‌
Singer:  M.G. Sreekumar, Sujatha    എം  ജി  ശ്രീകുമാര്‍,  സുജാത

Anthimaana Chempadiyil

Anthimaana Chempadiyil.. Kan Niraye Chembarathi,
Chembarathi Penkodiyaai... Kanvidarthi Nikkanundu,
Kannezhuthi Kaathilittu, Thullimulla Maalayittu,
Chempavizha Pennoruthi, Kannimuthu Poloruthi,
Kankulirkke Ninnilethi, Sruthiyil Alinju, Jathiyil Niranju Padarukayai..

Anthimaana Chempadiyil Kan Niraye Chembarathi
Chembarathi Penkodiyaai Kanvidarthi Nikkanundu

Penmukil Aanmukil Onnividamvare Anthi Varumvazhi Va Vaa
Venmukil Ambili Kumbililaakkiyorimmini Vettam Tha Thaa

Anthimaana Chempadiyil Kanniraye Chembarathi
Chembarathi Penkodiyaai, Kanvidarthi Nikkanundu

Ta Ta Taara Ta Ta Taara

Paraaga Poovanimedayitho ..Su Some Some ..Su Some Some
Kinaavin Cheppu Thurannathedi ..Su Some Some ..Su Some Some
Suraaga Chandana Malarukalo, Nilaavin Muthu Pozhinjathedi..
Allithen Chundilaai, Than Thanaana- Than Thanaa
Mullappoo Mottumaai Than Thanaana Thanthanaa
Allithen Chundilai, Mullappoomottumai
Vannirangum Swarnnapakshi Moolunnu Mohanamaai

Anthimaana Chempadiyil Kanniraye Chembarathi ..M M M M.. M M M M
Chembarathi Penkodiyaai.. Kan Vidarthi Nikkanundu . M M M .. M M M.. M...
Ta Ta Taara Ta Ta Taara Ta Ta Taara Ta Ta Taara

Chiraagaai Nin Mizhi Theliyumbol .. Su Some Some ..Su Some Some
Athil Nin Paarvana Mukhabimbam ..Su Some Some ..Su Some Some
Thudikkum Nin Thanu Thanthrikalil.. Midikkum Nin Mrudu Manthrangal..
Mm Mm Mm.. Mm..
Mm Mm Mm... Mm.. Mm Mm
Chiraagaai Nin Mizhi Theliyumbol.. Athil Nin Paarvana Mukhabimbam,
Thudikkum Nin Thanu Thanthrikalil... Midikkum Nin Mrudu Manthrangal
Indraneela Pattuduthu, . M Hm Hm, Mm Mm
Venpavizha Chuttumittu .. M Hm Hm, Mm Mm
Indraneela Pattuduthu Venpavizha Chuttumittu
Swapnamegha Therilvarum Vasantha Paravakal..

Anthimaana Chempadiyil,, Kan Niraye Chembarathi
Chembarathi Penkodiyaai, Kanvidarthi Nikkanundu,
Kannezhuthi Kaathilittu ..Mm Mm Mm
Thulli Mulla Maalayittu ..Mm Mm Mm
Chenkathiru Poloruthi ..Lala Lalla, Laa La Lalla
Innivide Nikkanundu .. Lala Lalla, Laa La Lalla

Chempavizha Pennoruthi Kannimuthu Poloruthi
Kankulirkke Ninnilethi Sruthiyil Alinju Jathiyil Niranju Padarukayaai

Anthimaana Chempadiyil.. Kanniraye Chembarathi
[ Penmukil Aanmukil Onnividamvare Anthi Varumvazhi Va Vaa ]
Chembarathi Penkodiyaai Kanvidarthi Nilppundu..
[ Venmukil Ambily Kumbililaakkiyorimmini Vettam Tha Thaa ]


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