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15 Jul 2011

Thaalam Aadithalam - Digvijayam (1980)

Song TitleThaalam Aadithalam
MusicianG Devarajan
LyricistP Bhaskaran
Singers(s)P Madhuri

Thaalaam Aadithaalam Chilanka Thaalam
Devamanohara Nruthathaalam
Bhaavaprakaashitha Nruthathaalam

Thathai Thaathaa Thithai Thaathaa - 2
Thaam Thakathakadhimi - 2
Thithai Thithai Thuthai
Druthathaalam Druthachalanam
Thirakalilunarum Nadanam
Kanakachilanka Kulirupozhiyu-
Manupama Swarggeeya Nadanam

Thakathi Thakanu Thajanu Thaam
Thajanu Thadhimi Thakidathaam
Thaam Kidathaka Dheem Kidathaka
Dhom Kidathaka Thaam
Nam Kidathaka Thom Kidathaka
Dheem Dheem Thakathaam
Mishrathaalam Vilambakaalam
Laasya Sudhaarasa Mohathaalam
Harshamuthirkkumunmaada Thaalam

Thakida Dhikida Dhomkida
Thaka Thadhimi Dhomkida Namkida
Thakida Dhikida Dhomkida
Thaka Thadhimi Dhomkida Namkida
Thakajam Thakida Thakajam Thadhimi
Thakajam Thakajam Thakajam
Thakajam Thakida Thakajam Thadhimi
Dhikruthom Dhikruthom Thaa
Thishramathin Drutham Chalanathil Vegam
Kurathikkum Kummikkum Thishrathaalam
Naadodippattinum Nanthunippaattinum
Karakakkaavadikalkkum Jeevathaalam

Thajana Dhambhana Thadhimi Dhimidhimi
Thajam Dhanakina Thadhimi Dhimikida
Thajjai Thakadhim Thakadhim Dhanaki
Thakadhimthaka Thakadhimi Thakajanu
Thakadhimi Thakathaam
Mishrathaalam Manjuthaalam
Madhurashinjitha Thaalam
Madanapournnami Raavil Manmadha-
Rathikalaadunna Thaalam

Tharithajanu Dhanuthadhimi Dhimithakidathaam - 2
Dhim Dhimtha Thaam Dham Dhamtha Thaam
Dhimi Dhimi Dhimi Dhimi Dhimithaam
Khandathaalam Khandathaalam Ugragambheera Thaalam
Vishwam Virappichu Thaandavamaadiya
Kailaasanaadhante Thaalam


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