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18 Jul 2011

Geyam Harinaamadheyam - Mazha ( 2000 )

Song TitleGeyam Harinaamadheyam
LyricistYusufali Kecheri
Singers(s)Arundhathi,KJ Yesudas,Neyyatinkara Vasudevan

Geyam Harinamadheyam
Bhavabhayasaagara Tharanopaayam
Saashwatha Mruthyunjayam...

Chaarukeshi Raagaalaapam
Sruthilaya Samgamam Sudhaaniketham
Nirupama Nadanam Nithyaanandam
Raadhamaadhava Kelee Sadanam
Kelee Sadanam

Veetharaagam Gopeejaaram
Yadukulabaalam Mrugamadafaalam
Vigalithakadanam Yogeegamyam
Chethoramyam Geethaagahanam
Geethaa Gahanam

Garisanidha Risanidhapa Dhanidhapamaga Gariga Mamaga Gariga Mamagaga
Gagama Gagama Pamaga Gamanidhapa Sanidhapa Risanidha Dhapamagarigaga
Mama Gagamama Rigama Gamagama Samagama Magarisa Rigamapapa
Padhanisa Risani Sarigama Garigasari Sasanidhapama Gamapapa

Nini Padhani Sanisa
Mapadhanisa Padhani Dhanisa Nisari
Nisari Ririsa Dhanisari Sasa

Sarigari Magarisa Sanisariga Garisa Sasanidha Dhanisa Saririri
Padha Padhanisari Sanisari Sari Maga Rigaga Garisa Sarigaga
Sariga Sariga Sariga Sariga Riga Gama Magari Magarisa Sanisariri

Magari Sariga Pamaga Rigama Pamaga Rigama Garisa Nisari
Sariga Sarisa Risani Dhanisa Padhani Panidha
Sani Nidha Dhapa Nidha Sani Risa Gari Maga Mari Gasa Rini Padha
Nisari Garisanisa Risanidhani Sanidhapadha
Garisanidha Risanidhapa Gamapadhani Risanidhani Sanidhapadha Sanidhamapa
Risanidhapa Sanidhapama Gamapadhani Magarisari Garisanisa Risanidhani
Garisanidha Risanidhapa Gamapadhani


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