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18 May 2010

Kizhakku Kizhakku Oraana - Triveni ( 1970 )

Kizhakku Kizhakkoraana (Thriveni)
Musician G Devarajan ( ജി ദേവരാജന്‍ )
Lyricist(s) Vayalar ( വയലാര്‍ )
Year 1970
Singer(s) PB Sreenivas,Latha Raju ( പി ബി ശ്രീനിവാസ്‌, ലത രാജു )
Actors Sathyan, Sharada, Adoor Bhasi

kizhakku kizhakkoraana
ponnaninju nilkkanu
aalavattam venchaamaram
thaalee peelee nettippatttam! (kizhakku..)

enichariyaam enicharriyaam
maanathu neerthunna muththukkuda


kaalathu churuttuunna muthukkuda
aa muthukkudayude thaazhe
aa vellippuzhayude chaare
thuduthude oru ponnunni
unniviral thodunnathellaam

achaa.achaa..aa ponnunniye
enichu vaenam! (kizhakku..)

aakaasapalkkadalil ponnalila
ammanathirakalile ponnalila
aa ponnalilayude meethe
ammaanathirayude meethe
kilukilayoru ponnunni
unnikku oru jaathi
oru matham oru daivam

acha..achaa..aa ponnunniye
enichu vaenam! (kizhakku..)


Anonymous said...

super duper song. no song can overcome this song! such a beautiful,melodious song!!!!!!!!!!

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