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21 May 2010

Kanya Dhaanam - Cheenavala ( 1975 )

Kanyaadaanam (Cheenavala)
കന്യാദാനം (ചീനവല)
Musician MK Arjunan ( എം കെ അര്‍ജ്ജുനന്‍ )
Lyricist(s) Vayalar ( വയലാര്‍ )
Year 1975
Singer(s) KJ Yesudas, B Vasantha ( കെ ജെ യേശുദാസ്‌, ബി വസന്ത )
Actors Prem Nazeer, Janardhanan, KP Ummer, Adoor Bhasi, Meena, Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair, Jayabharathi, Shankaraadi, KPAC Lalitha

Kathunna Premathin Chudalayil Vechoru Kanyadanam
Kaalam Sthambhichu Ninnu
Kaamam Daahichu Ninnu
Kanyadanam Kanyadanam

Aaarellaamaarellaam Koodeppokum
Aayiram Dukhangal Koodeppokum
Enthellaamenthellaam Kondupokum
Ekanthaswapnangal Kondupokum
Dukhangalkethra Vayassaayi
Swapnangalolam Vayassaayi
Vadhuvaaru Vadhuvaaru
Virahathin Kathirkaanaappakshi

Veliyevide Vechaayirikkum
Vidhiyude Veettilvechaayirikkum
Thozhimaarorekke Koottupokum
Thoratha Kannuneer Koottupokum
Kanneerilethra Thuruthu Mungi
Penninte Maathram Manassu Mungi
Varanaaru Varanaaru
Vazhithetti Vannoru Vanavedan


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