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19 Mar 2009

Pralaya Payodhiyil - Mazhakkaru ( 1973 )

Song Pralayapayodhiyil (പ്രളയപയോധിയില്‍ )
Movie Name Mazhakaru (മഴക്കാറു )
Musician G Devarajan (ജി ദേവരാജന്‍ )
Lyricist(s) Vayalar (വയലാര്‍ )
Year 1973
Singer(s) KJ Yesudas (കെ ജെ യേശുദാസ്‌ )

Pralaya payodhiyil urangiyunarnnoru
Prabhaa mayookhame kaalame
Prakrukruthiyum eeswaranum njaanum
Ninte prathi roopangalalle (pralaya)

Mannwantharangal janichu marikkumee
Man mathil kettinu mukalil
Rithukkal nin priya maanasa puthrikal
Idam valam nilkkum theril
Sourayudhangalil nee vannu vithakkum
Sourabhyam enthoru sourabhyam
Kaalame…. Iniyethra vasanthangal kozhinjaalum
Ee sourabhyam enikku maathram
Enikku maathram enikku maathram (pralaya)

Swarna paathram kondu sathyam marakkumee
Samkram sandhya than nadayil
Prapancham chundil nin naamaaksharavumaay
Pradhakshinam vaikkum vazhiyil
Swarga dheepaavali nee vannu koluthum
Soundaryam enthoru soundaryam
Kaalame….iniyethra janmangal kazhinjaalum
Ee soundaryam enikku maathram
Enikku maathram enikku maathram (Pralaya)


Anonymous said...

A film song that touches the heart of Indian philosophy. The picturisation is great, understanding the meaning of the song. Doubt peouple of that age or this age has appreciated the scene properly. The great Indian sanyasins who tried to find out what TIME, SPACE, and JEEVAN, lived life like an UTSAV. Using their ultimate knowledge they enjoyed each and every moment of life whilst eating leaves, sleeping under tree. We, influenced by western culture believe that enjoying life means eating, drinking, mating with many, buying car, etc.

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome site that opened my eyes to melodious malayalam music.. i am a not a malayalee but i love malayalam songs..

I heard a song in tv while travelling, of Mamooty starting with "Tusharam udirunno.."(hope i spelled it right). i am unable to find that song.. can you please please help me get it.. thanks so much..

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