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24 Feb 2009

Ethra pookkalam - Rakkuyilin Raaga Sadassil ( 1986 )

Song Ethra pookkalam
Movie Name Rakkuyilin Raaga Sadassil
Musician MG Radhakrishnan ( എം ജി രാധാകൃഷ്ണന്‍ )
Lyricist(s) S Ramesan Nair ( എസ്‌ രമേശന്‍ നായര്‍ )
Year 1986
Singer(s) KJ Yesudas ( കെ ജെ യേശുദാസ്‌ )

Ethra pookkalamini ethra madhumaasamathil
Ethra navaraathrikalil amme(ethra)
Nin mukham thinkalaay poonilaa
Paalchorinjennil veenaliyumen dhevee
Midhila iniyum priya janaka sudhayeyoru
Viraha kadhayakkumo
Parayuka parayuka parayuka nee
Shanmukha priya raagamo
Ninnile prema bhavamo
Enne njanaakkum gaanamo
Oduvilente hrudhaya theera
Anayumorazhakithu (shanmukha)

Ethra dhukkangalini ethra vanavaasam
Athil ethra vidhi vilayaattaminnum (ethra dhukka)
Kannu neer kumbilil muthumaay
Vannu nee mannil veenurukumo veendum
Arachan iniyum ninne eriyum
Theeyil nirthi amrutha kalayaakkumo
Theliyuka theliyuka theliyuka nee (shanmukha)

Padhanidha thakajanudham
Dhanisani thakajanudham
Nisarisa thakajanudham tha thakajanu thakadhimi
Padhanisanidhapama (shanmukha)
Padhapa padhapa padhapa rigamapa
Dhanidha dhanidha dhanidha gamapadha
Nisani nisani nisani mapadhanisa
Tharikidadhim tharikidadhim tharikidadhim thakadhimi
Tharikidadhim tharikidadhim tharikidadhim thakadhimi
Tharikidadhim tharikidadhim tharikidadhim thakadhimi
Nisarisa nisarisa nisarisa nisarisa
nisaree tharikidadhim nisaree tharikidadhim
Sarigari sarigari sarigari sarigari
sarigaa tharikidadhim sarigaa tharikidadhim
garisariga tharikidadhinnadhim aa…aa..
Magarigama tharigidathinnadhim
aa ..aa.. tharikidadhinnadhim
Gamapaa gamapaa gamapa
Gamapa gamapa gamapa gaa maa paa


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