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11 Dec 2008

Raagam Sreeragam - Bandhanam ( 1978 )

Movie : Bandhanam
Music : MB Sreenivasan
Lyrics : ONV Kurup
Year : 1978
Singer : P Jayachandran

raagam sree raagam
udhaya sree raagam (2)

madhukara madhura sruthiyil
hrudaya sarovaram unarum raagam (2)

thudu thude vidarum poovin kavilil
padarum nirvrithi raagam (2)

raagam.... hamsadhwani raagam..

kalahamsadhwani raagam.. raaaagam..
hamsadhwani raagam..

daaham sangama daaham
jeevanilaadum inayarannangal paadum
madhakara raagam


thalaraathaadum thirayude pada thaalam (2)

raagam.. vasantha raagam
prapancha madhuvana vasantha raagam (2)

raaginiyaam priya vasudhe
anuraaginiyaam priya vasudhe

pushpa paraagam nerukayil aniyooo..

anuraginiyaam priya vasudhe
pushpa paraagam nerukayil aniyoo
varnna viraajithamam rithu raja sadassil

raaagam.. thaanam....
pallavi paadoo

raagam thaanam pallavi paadooo

raagam maarutha raagam..
malaya maarutha raagam..
kalayaaanithalitharaalitha raagam
malaya maarutha raagam..

surabhilametho smirthiyude lahariyil
idayum mizhiyode
vidaparayum dina vadhuvin kavilil
vidarum kunguma raagam
vidaparayum dina vadhuvin kavilil
vidarum kunguma raagam....

malaya maarutha raagam..

ni dha pa ga dha pa ga ri raagam..
dha dha ni dha ni pa dha ni dha ni ga pa ni dha ni
sa ni dha ni dha pa pa ga ri ga pa maarutha raagam

ga ri sa ni dha ri
ri sa ni dha pa dha
sa ni dha pa ga pa malayala maarutha raagam..


Prasand Thampy said...

Every thing about this song is superb.Jayachandran has rendered it so beautifully that it is difficult to believe that he is not trained in classical music.Simply great!

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